Solar Engineering Excellence

We are a team of dedicated engineers, passionate about solar and its transformative impact on the energy grid. With 900+ completed projects totaling more than 1.5GW of operational solar, our reputation for excellence was built upon delivering complex projects for the world’s top companies. See our work.


Commercial Solar

Our multidisciplinary civil and electrical engineering teams work hand-in-hand with project management and construction teams. We deliver cohesive results from the development and planning stages, to the final system operation.

Focused in-house expertise ensures our ability to execute every step of the project. We achieve continuity from the initial feasibility assessment and regulatory approvals, through design and engineering, to construction and long-term support.

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 Everything we do is because we believe solar must be a high percentage of our energy mix. Our work generates maximum ROI for our clients, and ensures they are at the cutting-edge of energy sustainability .

Who We Are

Blue Oak's quality 

of service is 

second to none.

Richard Hanson,
Sr. Project Manager

West Antelope Solar Farm, 2014
Across 2 counties in Lancaster, CA

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Passionate for Success

We are passionate about our customers' success. With each new projects comes the opportunity to work through challenges towards a common goal. Through collaboration, we serve an unmatched diversity of customers, on a breadth of projects that promise to create a cleaner energy future.

ROI: Our customers see an engineered system that maximizes return on investment.

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Scale:  We design utility scale solar projects across the U.S.


Reach:  Blue Oak’s solar projects span 900 sites in 35 states.

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"Blue Oak’s execution

has been as seamless as possible."

Kirk Meyers,
Sustainability Manager, REI

REI Multi-Site Solar Installation
Solar carports and rooftops across 8 states and 23 locations

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Our Services


Solar design is the foundation for the entire project. Our services include:

  • Developing the concept for the entire system
  • Optimizing the site plan (civil) and array layout to meet client objectives and project constraints
  • Defining equipment selection and generally how it is connected
  • Defining point of interconnection and method
  • Developing the look and feel of the plan set

Design Services

Civil, Structural and Electrical Engineering

Solar engineering is the nuts and bolts of a project, quite literally. Our services include:

  • Determining the specifications required to meet permitting and construction requirements
  • Defining the detailed equipment specifications; sizes, ratings, etc.
  • Determining the system protections required to provide safety and reliability, and utility approval
  • Developing the actual plan set
  • Revieweing/responding to construction submittals and requests for technical project-specific information

Construction Services




Solar consulting is at the heart of what we do. Our services include:

  • Energy modeling
  • Providing ongoing support to help our customers design, build and manage their projects

Consulting Services