Daily Solar Construction Reports

Our daily construction reports deliver key information to our customers for whom we are building rooftop, carport or ground mount commercial solar energy systems. The intention is to create seamless, … Continue Reading →

Solar Consulting Engineering Services

In addition to building distributed solar facilities and providing utility-scale engineering construction plans, Blue Oak Energy also provides niche technical consulting services. Frequently, our customers require comparative cost studies, solar … Continue Reading →

Distribution and Substation Transformers for Utility Solar Power Generation Facilities

The relative simplicity of transformers belies their importance. Transformers are ubiquitous in ac electrical systems, used in appliances, inverters, measuring devices, construction tools and all manner of electronic devices. Transformers … Continue Reading →

Optimizing Utility Solar and Commercial Solar through LCOE

Have you ever assumed that trackers weren’t worth it in the Mid-Atlantic?  Have you ever requested no shading from 10am-2pm because it has always been the convention?  Have you ever … Continue Reading →

Solar Net Energy Metering – Now in Many Flavors

Net Energy Metering (NEM), a US policy-based program that originated in the 1990s and operates in over 43 states, brings benefits to solar power consumers in two ways. First of … Continue Reading →