Commercial and Utility Solar Construction

Full Service Solar Contracting

You secured the agreements. The plan is approved. Your building rooftop, parking lot, or undeveloped acreage is about to become a solar energy facility. Now you need a trustworthy technical solar company, one that will engineer the details and deliver a complete turn-key solar project.

    Fully Integrated Solar Solutions

    EPC: There is one word that best describes our full suite of in-house engineering and construction services: seamless.

    From feasibility assessment through full installation and long-term asset management, our turn-key construction company stays on the project from beginning to end, for a uniquely integrated experience.

    Initial Evaluation

    Let's see if this makes sense.

    Site Assessment

    Our experience with rooftop, parking canopy, and free-field solar facilities has shown that there are unique nuances to each type of site. The Blue Oak Energy design team will conduct a detailed site assessment and review, taking into account any major risk factors and technical feasibility.

    Preliminary Design

    At Blue Oak Energy we take pride in assisting our customers in making informed decisions. Using the site assessment data, we determine the best equipment for the project and optimize design specifications to meet the estimated cost and Return on Investment (ROI). For more information, please see our Design page.

    ROI Report

    Our analysts finish by researching rebates and incentives and working with internal estimators to fine-tune delivery costs. At the end you will receive a comprehensive financial analysis illustrating your solar ROI.

    Site Assessment

    Engineering and Permitting

    Thoughtful engineering and planning leads to seamless execution.

    Once the project is launched, the Engineering and Construction Documents stage is critical to define the project and outline a schedule. We are experts at submitting and managing the required applications for solar project interconnection and construction. Typically, we manage the full permitting scope of a project while keeping a continual dialogue with our customers.

    "Blue Oak Energy’s team was proactive and reliable in delivering the PV system for our manufacturing facility."


    - Paul Higa,
    House Foods of America

    Project Execution

    The permit is secured. The clock is ticking. It's time to build a solar project!


    The work we deliver at Blue Oak Energy is only as meaningful as the safety practices we employ. Our safety culture and training extends throughout the company and comes to fruition at the jobsite. Onsite, you will notice our regular practices and consistent methods for controlling and maintaining site safety and security.


    Our construction team's success stems from being an integrated group of developers, engineers, project managers, journeymen electricians, and site superintendents; experts who are solely focused on commercial and utility scale solar photovoltaic systems.


    We enter a site in a very logical and calculated manner. All of our storage facilities, staging areas, jobsite trailer locations, and facilities have been pre-planned and pre-approved. Mobilizing the jobsite also includes managing jobsite traffic and installing fences or other safety controls.

    Project Management

    A single Project Manager will be your point of contact through the entire commercial and utility solar project delivery process, linking all activities between project development, contracting, engineering, construction, and close-out.


    Site Superintendents

    Blue Oak's Site Superintendents are certified journeymen who are passionate about constructing commercial and utility scale solar facilities. The site super manages day-to-day activities and administers our Quality Assurance and Quality Control plan.


    When completing a project there are many details that demand attention, including scheduled utility outages, system start-up, communication connections, rebate paperwork, and independent engineer inspections. We build these tasks into the schedule and utilize specific processes to manage each one.


    The close-out process includes securing the final documentation and cleaning up any remaining details at the site. We are determined to leave our project sites in better condition than we found them, every time.


    We offer a solid material and workmanship warranty for the projects we construct. Solar module warranties are available at 20 or 25 years depending on the manufacturer. The remaining components come with one-year to five-year warranties.

    Performance Guarantees

    A solar energy performance guarantee is your primary security for ensuring long-term system performance. We offer a several levels of performance guarantees for Blue Oak Energy-constructed projects where we are retained for the system's ongoing Asset Management.

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