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Abbot Labs Solar Campus

  • Alameda, California
  • 548 kW
  • Alameda Municipal Utility


Franklin Realty engaged Blue Oak Energy to build this solar carport system at a building occupied by their tenant Abbot Laboratories. The system is comprised of a 548 kW net metered distributed generation carport solar photovoltaic system. The solar modules are mounted on a carport structure and covers a parking lot to power a percentage of Abbott’s corporate campus. The solar carport system, in addition to generating approximately 877 GWh per year, will serve as a daytime shade and cooling area for staff vehicles, and offers improved lighting at night. This project is engineered and constructed to generate continuous clean solar energy for the next 25 years.


Full scope engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC). During this project Blue Oak Energy worked directly with the real estate building owner through the initial conceptual planning stages through final installation. Blue Oak Energy played a key role in securing substantial rebates and incentives from the local utility company to boost the project’s financial return. 


Franklin Realty’s primary goal in building this solar energy carport system was to generate a healthy return on investment while also creating additional tenant benefits. The company also expects the added property value will help to retain key tenants with a long-term sustainability vision.


Panel Type: Canadian Solar CS6X-315P 
Panel Quantity: 1,740 
Racking Type: Carport 
Inverter Type: Solectria
System Size [DC]:  548kW
AC Voltage: 480 V
Interconnection Type: Load side of the customer meter
Utility Company: Alameda Municipal Power


  • 548 kW solar electric system
  • Carport annual energy generation: 877 GWh
  • Distributed generation load-side interconnect system
  • 1,740 solar modules on rooftop and parking structures
  • 3 acres of solar panels covering five stand-alone carport structures for 200 shaded car parking stalls
  • Five-year operations and maintenance plan
  • Net-metered project will export excess generation to the local utility grid,  controlled by Alameda Municipal Power (AMP)
  • Secured substantial incentives from the AMP to achieve the project’s intended financial return on investment