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Fortinet Solar Campus

  • Sunnyvale, CA
  • 908 kW

COMPLETED: August 2014
CLIENT: Fortinet, Inc.

Project Summary

The Fortinet Solar Campus project is a 908 kW net metered distributed generation solar photovoltaic system that covers two rooftops and three parking lots to power Fortinet’s corporate campus. The project is composed of two sections: a solar carport system and a commercial rooftop solar energy system. The solar carport system, in addition to generating approximately 1,004,700 kWh a year, will serve as a daytime shade and cooling area for staff vehicles, and offer improved lighting at night.

The rooftop system has an expected output of approximately 357,000 kWh annually. The rooftop solar array is a hybrid of ballasted and positive anchoring to fasten the system to the building’s structural members. It is engineered and constructed to maintain the rooftop’s 20 year warranty with the original roofing membrane manufacturer.

Blue Oak Energy Scope

Full scope engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).
During this project Blue Oak Energy worked directly with the end customer from planning to installation.

Project Goals

Fortinet’s overreaching goal in building a solar energy campus was to affirm its commitment to sustainable business practices. The company also expects this project to bring them closer to their goal of both creating sustainable operations and inspiring other Bay Area organizations to follow their lead in embracing renewable energy.

System Specifications

Panel Type: Canadian Solar CS6X-305P and Canadian Solar CS6P-250P
Panel Quantity: 3,148
Racking Type: Carport and Rooftop
Inverter Type: Solectria
System Size [DC]: 908 kW
AC Voltage: 480 V
Interconnection Type: Load side of the customer meter
Utility Company:



Key Features

  • 900 kW solar electric system
  • Carport annual energy generation: 1,004,700 kWh
  • Rooftop annual energy generation: 357,000 kWh
  • Distributed generation load-side interconnect system
  • 3,148 solar modules on rooftop and parking structures
  • 3 acres of solar panels covering six stand-alone carport structures; 1 acre of rooftop solar panels
  • Five-year operations and maintenance plan
  • Continuous warranty coverage provided by rooftop manufacturer
  • Solar rooftop array features a combination of ballasted and positive anchoring
  • Solar rooftop is designed to withstand wind events, thermal expansion and contraction, and significant rainfall
  • Net-metered project will export excess generation to the local utility grid, Pacific Gas and Electric