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Google Headquarters

  • Mountain View, CA
  • 1.9 MW

COMPLETED: 2007 and 2011
CLIENT: Google

Project Summary

The unique solar projects at the Google campus are a part of Google’s mission to research new technologies and advance clean energy. Owned and operated by Google, these solar projects feed the load side of multiple electrical meters across the campus. The solar arrays are installed across 3 types of rooftops (single ply membrane, built up tar and gravel, standing seam metal) and 2 different carport structures. The arrays span across 7 buildings and 2 parking lots to deliver nearly 2MWp.

Blue Oak Energy Scope

Full design and construction for the GARfield site in 2011. Full design and engineering for the main campus project in 2006-2007. Blue Oak Energy also performed construction administration and quality management for the main campus construction phases.

Project Goals

The main campus Google project was made possible by the California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) which was launched in 2001. This program is one of the longest-running and most successful distributed generation incentive programs in the country. Incentives for this project were based on the total installed peak power rating, also known as a capacity rebate. As a result, the design decision and overall project goals were to install as much capacity as possible, with less emphasis on optimal performance. In 2011, Google also installed a solar array at their Recreational Fields, known as Google Athletic and Recreation field (GARfield for short). This is recreational area provides Google employees with a soccer field, a basketball court, bocce ball courts, a horseshoe throwing area, a disc golf area and a putting green. Over the top of the bocce ball courts is a transparent solar array with high efficiency modules. To the North of the soccer field is a ground mounted solar array with standard crystalline solar modules.

System Specifications

Panel Type: Sharp & Sanyo
Panel Quantity: 8,694
Racking Type: Sunlink, Unirac
Attachment: Penetrations and Standing Seam Clamps
Inverter Type: Enphase, PV Powered, Satcon
System Size [DC]: 2MW overall with 1.9MW at the main campus & 100kW at GARfield
DC Voltage: 600 V
AC Voltage: 208 and 480


Key Features

  • The main campus project was commissioned in 2007 with the GARfield site commissioned in 2011.
  • This is a true distributed generation (DG) facility with all energy delivered on the load side of the meter.
  • There are more than 10 separate electrical interconnections across the campus at existing electrical gear.