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Shasta Solar Farm

  • Fall River Mills, CA
  • 4.4MWp (3.0MWac or 1.5MWac per interconnection)
  • PG&E


Constructed in northern California at an elevation of 3,300 feet, this 4.4 MWp utility scale project is composed of two ground mount installations and two separate overhead electrical interconnections. Blue Oak worked diligently to fully permit, engineer, construct, test and initialize the project within a challenging time frame.
The local distribution grid had some special needs and therefore we worked with the utility company to provide customized inverter system ramp-rates and reactive power controls at no cost.

Shasta Solar Farm is the largest solar project in the county, generating enough power to provide for about 725 homes. 


Blue Oak Energy served as the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor for this project, and provided full electrical, civil and structural engineering services. The project involved the interconnection on the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) controlled grid which required compliance with a detailed “bucket” design process. Blue Oak Energy managed this CAISO bucket process and designed the system to comply with the specific control requirements. After completion of the solar farm, Blue Oak has remained as the ongoing operations and maintenance provider with full responsibility for project uptime. 


Panel Type: Canadian Solar modules
Panel Quantity: 14,598
Racking Type: Array Technologies Single Axis Tracker
Foundation: Driven W-flange piles
Inverter Type: SMA Sunny Central
Property: 22 acres
DC Voltage: 1000 V
AC Voltage: 12kV 


• Two separate interconnections were accomplished through the utility company for two separate PPAs.

• Partnered with the local utility company to program custom inverter system ramp-rates and reactive power features in the inverters to improve local grid power quality.

• Coordinated with CAISO to install, program, test and operate the required supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

• Engineers were able to retain the historical drainage by working with the existing terrain.

• Single axis tracker system was designed for minimal impact of existing terrain.

• Two gravel surfaced roads were specifically constructed for facility access and fire protection.

• Blue Oak continues to operate and maintain this facility under a longer term maintenance contract with the project owner.