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Touro University Nevada

  • Henderson, NV
  • 1,112 kW
  • NV Energy


Touro University Nevada is a non-profit institution which was established to address critical needs in health care education and act as a resource for community service. Solar energy was something they were interested in to eliminate a utility transformer upgrade and ideally save electricity costs at the same time.

Blue Oak Energy brought in resources to assist in developing the project and defining a sensible solution. There was a utility incentive which set the project’s timeline and the Blue Oak Energy team aligned to meet the schedule. Because of Touro University Nevada’s non-profit status, they could not use federal Investment Tax Credits and accelerated depreciation benefits which were required to make the project financially viable. Blue Oak Energy brought Syncarpha Capital in as a partner and together a solution was developed.

The system is comprised of a 1,112 kW net metered distributed generation commercial rooftop solar photovoltaic system. The solar modules are mounted on a non-penetrating rooftop mounting system with slip sheets which protect the rooftop warranty. The solar rooftop system will reduce the campus electricity needs from the utility grid by approximately 60% and will generate a net cost savings each year. 


Blue oak’s scope was the full scope engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC). During this project Blue Oak Energy worked directly with the financing entities, the campus master trust bondholders and through the initial conceptual planning stages through final installation. Blue Oak Energy supported the project champions at Touro University Nevada to secure incentives from the local utility company. 


Panel Type: SunEdison Silvantis F325
Panel Quantity: 3,420 
Racking Type: Rooftop
Inverter Type: Solectria PVI 28L and 36L String Inverters
System Size [DC]:  1,112 kW
AC Voltage: 480 V
Interconnection Type: Load side of the customer meter
Utility Company: NV Energy


  • 1.1 MW solar electric system
  • Annual energy generation: 1,850 GWh
  • Distributed generation load-side interconnect system
  • 3,420 solar modules on 2 rooftops
  • Ten-year operations and maintenance plan
  • Net-metered project will export excess generation to the local utility grid
  • Secured substantial incentives through the NV Energy SolarGenerations program