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USVA - Sacramento

  • Sacramento, CA
  • 558kW
  • SMUD

COMPLETED: February 2014
CLIENT: McClellan Air Force Base USVA Hospital

Project Summary

The USVA McClellan project focuses on increased energy savings through installation of a commercial solar rooftop and solar carport system. This system expands on the previously installed rooftop system by adding an acre of carport solar panels for a total of three acres of solar arrays, with a total expected output of 558 kW. The newly installed carport system is expected to generate approximately 832,000 kWh annually, while the rooftop system will generate 60,800 kWh. The solar carport system will also provide shade for vehicles and improved lighting at night. The entire solar generating facility will be interconnected and operate parallel to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

Blue Oak Energy Scope

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).
BOE teamed up with Solar Power Integrators, a turn-key development and project management company, to deploy this phase of the project.

Project Goals

The McClellan project builds on an existing onsite solar array with the goal of significantly reducing McClellan Hospital’s electricity usage. In installing an enhanced photovoltaic system, McClellan joins 30 other VA facilities in the shared goal of investing in renewable energy and increased sustainability, within the framework of the Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan. In addition to providing energy savings, the solar carport system is expected to serve as a shading and cooling area for parked vehicles during high temperatures.

System Specifications

Panel Type: Suniva MVX 255-60-5-701
Panel Quantity: 2,044
Racking Type: Carport
Inverter Type: Solectria
System Size [DC]: 558 kW
AC Voltage: 480 V
Interconnection Type: Load side of the customer meter
Utility Company: SMUD


Key Features

  • 500 kW carport solar electric system
  • Carport annual energy generation: 832,000 kWh
  • Rooftop annual energy generation: 60,800 kWh
  • Distributed generation load-side interconnect system
  • 2,044 Solar modules on parking structures
  • 1 acre of solar panels on carports; .5 acre of solar panels on rooftop
  • Five-year operations and maintenance plan
  • Continuous warranty coverage provided by rooftop manufacturer
  • Solar rooftop array features a combination of ballasted and positive anchoring
  • Solar rooftop is designed to withstand wind events, thermal expansion and contraction, and significant rainfall